All yours.

No, Darling, I won’t ever commit a moral crime & debilitate my love by roguery. My love, I won’t ever brutalize the holiness of our pertinent connection. I won’t pester the sanctity of our attachment by daring enough to utter, “You’re mine” or “I posses you”.

My love, I know you’re a free soul, no finite, not bounded by hedges. No wall of this universe could stop you from penetrating.

I know you’re a work of art, too ineffable to be rambled or versified.

And, I know the flexibility of your beauty, could dance relentlessly in rhythms of mere silences.

I know you harvest more peace with your solitude than being knitted with this frump.  My love, I can’t ever beat you in the vicinity of your thawing rareness.


Darling, I know your width akin the space and the depth of your inner self is stitched to pietism. Under your skin, you’re omnipotent, not a power stronger than your vigorousness.

There’s this innocuous piece of your integrity, connected to divinity, that I can’t even cut through sharp edgewhat’s

es of my vicious devilishness.And my love, I hadn’t fallen for the scenic flattering reflections of your outer beauty. You’re such heavenly skinned, any jammy retina that sights your harmonic hued glance enters into a trance of paradise.

Still it could only manage to occupy a position at least greatness amidst your awestruck attributes, in the meadows of my perception.


And still I’d fallen so hardly, and had straggled in life praying to have you, chanting your name, because, I for the one, have always loved you for your flesh-less-ness.


And thus, Darling, I won’t dare utter that “I occupy you” because it’s “You occupy me”, it had always been this way.That’s what’s etched on every gemstone of truth, that’s what is blessed by the sacred smile of the Lord. Thus, no tsunami could wash away what is decorated with the stars on the surface of the vast swathe of extended aura of the universe. Because every constellation my wit adjoins, speaks to me only of you, only of us.


I, an undated, unbridled passionate lover, cavort round the incinerated moments of ours & I inhale your invisible presence that the smoke emitting thereof, smells like eternity. Invisible presence I repeat, for your ‘absence’ equivalents ‘null’.


You veil all of my bruised body, every inch of my wounded soul, you reside in my catholic heart, and you’ve have always venerated. You’re the edge of my paths, you’re what my oaths are bricked with. Love, you’re my ephemeral to my eternity. You’re the designed frond of my leaf-like heart. Undress my soul, look, how it resembles you!

You’re the ichor, a reflux that keeps me alive, you’re the magnetic gravity that keeps me glued to my world and you’re as dear to me as spread ink over papers are.

You’re the halo that twirls in the sphere of every love poem that I’ve idolized and all that I’ll.

You’re the euphoriant sun to my inner self, adjacent moonlight that calms is also you.

I’m the ocean, you’re the turbulence. I’m the waves, you’re my shore. I spend all my life, all the breathes, just to be privileged to be touched by your soothing fleak.

The all of mine fits in a little corner of all of yours, furling in your chrysalis being, melting to recrystallize in the shape of your habits.

You’re a soul, complete, I’m but a portion of you.


And, thus, my Darling, I could take vows keeping these flames of my inner ignition as witness, of I being completely yours.

And still dare not say that “you’re mine”.

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