Ink Utters…

The visualized scene of the ephemeral era where within the chrysalis womb, laid was turmoil burden of this body, was the last night that had sighted my voice, the melody of my soul, breathing to existence.  For ever since then, the viciousness of spooky human race has been the bane that squelched it. That my extinguished candle-like voice had repelled, decorated on the wall of my heart on ribcages akin sconces, of my frump soul, that had turned a sepulchre. ‘Cause, I wasn’t preached with the rituals of cremation, and the martyr’s letter of intestacy was a treasure yet to be discovered.

Because, my tongue danced not a rhythm real & was pestered differently at the different sights of different beings. As it streamed all droplets of faked wit, intensified, adhering to perspectives. The way it trembled at the shadow of a shyster who at a single statued pose of clock hands, reviled my gray voice and slandered my body by his mingy, unwanted, indecent touches. As it was brutally bruised and stabbed by the betrayal therapy of the love of my life, that sprinted away striping this human’s spirituality & niggled the little beam of renovation of the voice, that this craven craved.


And serendipitously, like souls find their dawn, I found my night wherein I found my lost voice, glittering in dark. My dead voice, awakening. Taking rebirth in the vicinity of literature, in the lure of my scribblings. That the ink was its blood, a paper: its shelter. As I was inhaling again the reality of those vibrations, my throat warbles; these aren’t the voices of my innerself. The undulating blues steer my tones, filter it to immaculate the vocal stumbles of this imbecile. The sanctity of frictions between my pen tip & the surface of a paper was where my true voice twirled elatedly in the freshet of oracy, while sweating ink. And not an ounce of this resuscitation, can ever be imploded inside the fist of devilishness face of the universe nor can be fickled by the divinity of the heavens. These rambled sheets sing the dirge of every cruelity that had teased me and indicated to get murdered.



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