Cages of Dreams.

Hypothetical road that you’re forced to march on
By others; Searching for the sadistic zenith,
Suffering harsh belligerency
Between your wishes and dominant wit.
Your eyes are dozy, Honey,
Stop abusing your soul.
Abandon those depressive figments
Those imbibe your true goal.
Diamond, gold, bungalow,
Degree and certificate
Wouldn’t gambol with spirituality
Neither accompany to death’s gate.
You poison your intake,
Do not blink blind towards fact.
The fake comity that you exhibit
Reprimands further your wilting heart.
Your shadows are shambling out of
The pungent of your rotten life.
Greedy dreams are allowing you no death,
Nor permitting you to be alive.
Terminate the act of
Butchering your present.
Find the pond of happiness in you,
If you can’t discover, then invent.
Gather your pain Honey, paint it with humor.
For the left portion of breaths,
Be a hedonist, not a dreamer.




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